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Big Blue Weddings Offers

Divine Package

Big Blue Weddings - Divine Package

The Divine Offer Includes:

1.   Car rental for 8 days for the couple.

Church or Town Hall Fee  Ceremony coordination -

PaperWorks & Marriage License - Marriage Certificates.

Bride's bouquet & Groom's boutonniere - Silver crowns for the couple - Wedding favors up to 20 persons.

4.   Hairdresser for groom and for bride  - Make up artist, manicure, pedicure and waxing for bride in hotel room.

Full beauty treatments and Spa services for the couple and guests.

7.   Wedding reception in Traditional Greek tavern for the couple and 20 more persons with full variety of exquisite

9.   On your wedding reception will illuminate dozens of fireworks in the sky to advertise throughout the island your

10.   Daily private cruise on luxury boat with photographing and meal included for couple and guests.

Big Blue Weddings - Divine Package 

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